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*Baltimore Mural by Professional Illustrator, Megan Lewis.

We are individuals and organizations that are lights and resources to our communities. We produce and promote events and learning opportunities. 

As a community we share the goal of working together toward wellness and helping to stimulate cooperative economics.


To effect positive change in the youth, homeless and distressed community members and local businesses. Our workshops and events are built to help cultivate and develop a mindset that promotes wellness, self-sufficiency and successful business ownership.


Our Community Wellness Resource Center will facilitate service opportunities in our communities. We will provide an integrated, community-based approach to wellness and education that supports families and communities. 

The center will be occupied by partners and teaching artist who facilitate workshops, events and opportunities to serve our communities. We will support a community food pantry and networking opportunities supporting the communities' collective economic stability.

*Wellness: the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.


Our programs and workshops are focused to benefit HOMELESS and DISTRESSED COMMUNITY MEMBERSLOCAL BUSINESSES and our YOUTH.



theSPOT: Musical Marketplace
Community watering hole, vendor market, community partner showcase

This event is a networking opportunity that helps to stimulate community's engagement in all facets of society. It serves as a resource and support to the creative and social impact communities in the Baltimore metro area. This event allows workshop participates to showcase and sell crafts they created in workshops throughout the year and give them first hand experience in the marketplace as an entrepreneur.


Eating with Our Hands
Community Service and Health/Wellness Coaching


A community event hosted quarterly with a mission to bring families together in an effort to help less fortunate individuals in our communities while learning about food preparation and nutrition. Know Better Do Better. We are looking to change the culture around food in Baltimore. We hope to reclaim the lives of so many who have not taken the time to learn about their body and the way it functions. This knowledge will improve their results as they take on their health challenges. This event will serve as a portion of the nutrition education and community service activities workshop participates experience.

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