OUR TEAM: Like-Minded Black Mothers

Shanika Walters

Youth Mentor and Event Coordinator

My name is Shanika Walters, I am a single mother of 2 beautiful girls. I am currently pursuing my degree in Social Work. My passion is to work with girls to help them recognize and break generational cycles.


I am an only child, growing up I had to learn so many things through trial and error which lead to both good and bad outcomes. I truly needed proper guidance. Growing up requires so many lessons that aren't often taught at home, which is where I feel Lantern Mindsets can help. 


I seek to encourage and uplift our next generation of Black Girls.

Eboni Yahudah

Founder and Executive Director

I am a motivated communications professional and business owner. My personal mission is to be a light and resource to my community and I strive to offer my gifting and talents through Lantern Mindsets' programs and activities.


I believe that a "virtuous" woman is not just a wife and mother but she is also a business woman, one of my passions is to help cultivate the next generation of female business owners.

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