OUR TEAM: Strong Minded Black Mothers Quad

Eboni Wiggins

Founder and Executive Director

Eboni Wiggins, is a motivated communications professional, business owner and visionary. She spent 10 years in the quality assurance she became aware of and began to explore her Ikigai (a reason for being) she left the corporate work environment hoping to increase her community and social involvement.

In 2017, she was awarded the Baltimore Corps Fellowship and was placed in Baltimore City Public Schools, Office of Communications. She is the owner of a consulting company (Be Light Media, www.belightmedia.net) that offers web and communications support to small business owners and social entrepreneurs. Her personal mission is to be a light and resource to her community and strives to offer her gifting and talents, to the nonprofit she is developing (Lantern Mindsets, www.lanternmindsets.org) as well as ones she serves.

Shanika Walters

Youth Mentor and Event Coordinator


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