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Our workshops explore: web design, handwriting, keyboarding, cultural arts, photography, performing arts, and storytelling.


Depending upon the subject matter, classes may be taught as one-time lessons, or as a comprehensive overview over several weeks. In general, workshops take place on Saturdays.


The teacher fees are based on a split of the registration fees, and teachers should be active partners in marketing their workshops. Create and post flyers, send emails, etc.




Decisions are made by the Advisory Board based on recommendations from members of the community and members of Lantern Mindsets' network.

Complete proposals should include:

  • Completed Workshop Proposal Form (required, below)

  • Resume or summary of relevant experience (required, email

  • Testimonials or References from former students or employers (optional)

  • Documentation of work by you and/or former students which are relevant to your proposal. Documentation may be slides, video, digital files or a link to a website (optional).
    Note: documentation should be accompanied by an image list or other narrative indicating, size, date, media, etc.


CLICK HERE and complete the interest form.

Share your proposal and all required materials via email


and we welcome your contribution to this resource center.

Share your proposal and all required materials via email

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