Heartical Sprouts Update...

Accepting adult clothing to be donated to an area homeless shelter in Baltimore, MD.

December 15

Winter Clothing Drive

Helping Hands

Drop Off Location

Orange Ski Jacket

We will partner with Urban Foli, a cultural arts organization to celebrate the solstice season.

December TBA

Urban Foli @ theSPOT


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We are looking for energetic individuals looking to help fundraising and event planning.


We bave a large Vision!
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Many thanks to young entrepreneur Kalimah of Dinkra Stylez! She shared her experiences and perceptive on how to balance running a business while maintaining grades and home responsibilities. Interested in attending the next one? Please inquiry at admin@lanternmindsets.org

Lantern Mindsets is a network of businesses and individuals who can say these few things with sincerity...

"I am a resource. I contribute to my community's resource center, therefore, I have a Lantern Mindset!"

If you are in agreement with the above statement, we invite you to join our facebook group as we begin to plan and strategize positively impacting the communities we interact with.