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Laura Chance Collier

Board Member

LAURA COLLIER, is a native Baltimorean who embodies the quote “be the change you wish

to see in the world” in all aspects of her life. A dedicated and passionate educator, who

is no stranger to wearing multiple hats at any given time, from wife, mother, sister,

auntie, to friend. Laura has impacted the lives of many through her 16 years spent in the

classroom, volunteer work, and mentorships. Laura holds a Bachelor’s Degree in

English from UMBC and Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a

specialization Administration from McDaniel College. Her teaching certifications are in

the areas of Elementary Education 1-6, English 7-12, Generic Special Education 1-8/6-

adult, and Administrator I.

Believing wholeheartedly in the power of voice and representation, Laura is an advocate

for relationship building, equitable policies, and intentional programming within the

school system. Her deep dive into Restorative Justice practices, her participation in

school-based Cultural Proficiency committee work, school-based DEI committee work,

and training as a Circle Keeper for the purpose of community building and celebration

support that belief. Laura serves as an Advisor for the Scholars Leadership program

within her school building, an honors club focused on, but not limited to, the mentorship

of African-American young girls with a 3.0 and above g.p.a. In addition to this, through

her beloved sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, of which she is an active

member, she mentors young women ages 11-18 through the Delta Academy/G.E.M.S.

Program. Laura sees wellness as a necessity and an ongoing journey.

She is often the voice of encouragement to others when it comes to taking time for

yourself and finding the wellness path that best suits them. Laura’s wellness journey

and source of joy is rooted in the arts, from spoken word, visual arts, to dance, and live

music events. A lover of all things creative, she enjoys fostering this creativity in her

own children and seeing their excitement as they explore, discover, and create new

things. Even during a pandemic, Laura was able to find ways to expand on her wellness

journey, by exploring gardening, traveling, and shopping unique local small businesses.

Laura Chance Collier
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