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Our Mission

To effect positive change in the youth, homeless and distressed community members and local businesses. Our workshops and events are built to help cultivate and develop a mindset that promotes wellness, self-sufficiency and successful business ownership.


Our Community Wellness Resource Center

will facilitate service opportunities in our communities. We will provide an integrated, community-based approach to wellness and education that supports families and communities. 

The center will be occupied by partners and teaching artists who facilitate workshops, events, and opportunities to serve our communities. We will support a community food pantry and networking opportunities to support the communities' collective economic stability.​

Wellness: the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

The Team

Dreamers. Doers. Creators.


Eboni Yahudah

CEO and Visionary Founder


Anushka Jajodia

Event Coordinator
& Volunteer


Klara Annibal



Aisha Bennett



Dominique Duff



Brittany Boyd


Advisory Board


Dr. Jasmine Blanks Jones

Founder, Burning Barriers Building Bridges Youth Theatre

Laura Collier Headshot (Color).jpeg

Laura Chance Collier

Teacher, Special Educator and Mentor


Michelle Stafford

Founder, Be More Yoga Community

Press and Media


Stories of Insight: Meet Eboni Yahudah

"As a BIPOC woman and mother, I consider it imperative to set an example for my children by pursuing the passion that drives me. I aim to demonstrate the strength of our family’s lineage and encourage my children to build upon our family’s achievements." (read more)

Baltimore Voyage Magazine

Daily Inspiration: Meet Eboni Yahudah

"The past 6 years have been dedicated to learning more about Baltimore City and how I can use my passion to positively impact the city and beyond." (read more)

WJZ Baltimore, Community MVP

Lantern Mindsets Sheds Light On Some Of Baltimore's Problems

"Lantern Mindsets is a network of individuals and organizations...Not one community and not one building, but everybody identifies that there's light, there's a resource, there's a usefulness in each person." (read more)

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