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Bright Minds Computer Club | co-ED 

Elementary/Middle School after school STEM Enrichment

The club is an after school program impacting children located within the boundaries of the “Black Butterfly” that offers essential instruction for technology’s youngest users addressing computer and social media etiquette, typing fluidity and an introduction to web design.


Students develop speed and accuracy by learning the touch operation of alphanumeric/keyboard characters . Emphasis is placed on the following: mastery of the keyboard with desirable keyboarding techniques; development of speed and accuracy; and proper care of the equipment. Keyboarding is foundation for developing entry-level skills for business careers.


The Handwriting Without Tears® cursive program teaches a clean, vertical style of cursive that is easy to learn, easy to read, and easy to write. Lessons include engaging and memorable activities for cursive mastery, and strategies for identifying and remediating your students’ writing and keeping them on track to cursive success!

Web Design

Students will design HTML5 websites using cloud-based web development platforms. Students will create web sites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools. Integrating the use of social media tools and applications.


We would love to join you at your school!